What exactly does kpakpakpamarket.com do?

Kpakpakpamarket .com is an online discount shop. We partner with local distributors and manufacturers and negotiate amazing discounts for you.

Where exactly does kpakpakpamarket.com deliver to?

We currently offer delivery services to shoppers Accra. But plan are far advanced in staring delivery services to other parts of the country.

How long will it take before I get my items delivered to me?

We usually deliver your orders within 72 hours.

How does it work? / How do I shop on your website?

We have categorized our product online into Departments. Each department has further been categorized into sub categories to make looking for products more specific. Upon selection of a product a user is offered the opportunity to make an offer with the guide of the published market price/value and our discount offer. The quantity proposed helps with us negotiating on your behalf for the offer proposed, meaning bigger quantities increases the likelihood that the offer price may be accepted. 

Is your website secure? How can I be sure?

We are working on a secured server and in our design we have taken steps to secure relevant data you post online. Payments for your orders are made from third party services providers that over their years of operation in Ghana has proven to be secured.

What methods/modes of payment are accepted on kpakpakpamarket.com?

We are currently working with mobile money transfer/payment systems from MTN, TIGO, AIRTEL and VODAFONE.

How safe or secure is it for me to buy online?

Your orders are simply sent to us from an online form providing details for as to call back and confirm your order/orders offline. We will send you a confirmation for a successful transaction and then you make arrangement to make payments from any of the four mobile transfer platforms to our mobile money merchant accounts.

How do I contact Kpakpakpamarket.com?

Our landline/hotline is 030 700 1551 or Whatsapp us on  0561113000.

How competitive are your prices?

We do our very best to negotiate for amazing discounts from our supplies and merchants. We do this because we have you the buyer in mind. For us we create a fair platform for a win-win opportunity for the buyer and seller.

Can I choose to pick up my items instead of having them delivered?

Yes you can pick up your items from our pick-up point in West Airport, Accra.

Are there any extra hidden charges aside the delivery charges?

No, and we currently delivering to areas in Accra only and it’s FREE.

Do I have to undergo any registration before I can do any purchases online?

No, you can make an offer on any product online without registering. Registered members go through the same steps to make an offer/purchase of an item but receive news on upcoming promotions.

How would I know if my order is successful or not?

We will send you an email to notify you on the status of your offer.

How do I cancel my order?

Yes you can cancel your offer/order before payment is made.