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Hi there Kings and Queens!

We get this question often: “What is the difference between your Golden and Safari Shea Butter?” Similar to our Golden, to make our Yellow Shea Butter, we follow these steps:

First, we pick freshly harvested shea tree nuts. Second,  we wash, dry and then roast the nuts. Thirdly, we begin the process of grinding, kneading and boiling. Once they have been boiled for hours, the oil comes out. That oil has to then settle and be stirred until it turns into Shea Butter.

What makes our Safari different than our Golden Shea Butter are the ingredients, #KingsandQueens.

It’s made with a mixture of tea tree oil and indigenous West African Herbs which are added to the butter in the process. The West African Herbs is what gives our Safari the yellow color and healing properties.

It’s always important to remember that due to the change in seasonal weather, the color and scents may change. However, it’s power to heal and moisturize remains the same. We package each jar with love and ship to you DIRECTLY from Ghana, West Africa!

It’s important to know how your skincare products are made and with what ingredients. A lot of the skin care concerns you have can be addressed by simply switching to a natural, raw product like ours just the way Mother nature intended.


Soothes dry skin. Helps treat eczema, dermatitis and blemishes. Decreases scarring and reverses stretch marks. Softens skin and eliminates wrinkles. Relieves skin peeling after sunburn, insect bites, boils, wounds, skin allergies and diaper rash (baby care).

How to use

Apply a small amount on the affected area and give it a good massage in circular motions.

Use it for a great night time routine to calm your skin and body through the night.


A blend of pure, premium Shea Butter, Tea Tree Oil, and a mix of indigenous West African herbs.

Handmade in Ghana – West Africa

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