Trackimo 3G GPS Tracker + Battery

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Trackimo® is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device allowing you to find and track your precious things in real-time, automatically alerting when sensing distress signals exceeding speed settings, leaving or entering a fenced zone. Trackimo’s location is accessible through any computer or mobile device from any spot in the world. With unique Revolutionary GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/BT Hybrid tracking, Trackimo use 4 different technologies to accurately Locate anything Worldwide. GPS utilizing Global Positioning Satellite technology to locate outdoor within 30-150 feet (10-50 meters) accuracy. Wi-Fi is used for indoor tracking and Bluetooth for the last 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

3G Trackimo GPS tracker includes high efficiency 600mAh Li-Ion battery. It is lightweight and comes with free charging cradle.

Device is including SIM card loaded with 1 year international cellular service and working out of the box. With unique Wi-fi tracking for indoor tracking

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